About Me


My passion is fueled by making the world a better place through technology.

I have been working in marketing technology for the past 14 years, time really flies when you are having fun. Having worked on international brands in both US and Asia Pacific has enabled me to have a world view on creating simple and innovative brand experience initiatives.

My core strength lies in understanding human insight, translated across any channel, websites, tv, mobile, social, search, … Based on that core I have built my strategy practice in understanding what is the foundation and value of the actual experience we want to create for our audience. Who they are, what they want and need and how we make their lives better while meeting our business objectives. This has been the successful driving force in working with clients to help them build stronger, forward thinking, innovative companies that meet with the demands of the future.

Creativity merged with the exponential growth of technology are a powerful duo to where the world is heading. We stand at the forefront of a major new exciting field.

Areas of expertise & focus:
Customer Experience Planning: Branding, Digital Strategy and Marketing, CRM, Social, Website development, Mobile, SEM/SEO, Content, Loyalty, TVC/Print, Digital to Physical.
Consumer Research & Insights, Workshops, Digital Education & Leadership, Strategic Development and Team Management.

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