Groupon (coupon with a kick) – put this in your strategy suitcase


In today’s ever evolving media model the channels that can get you noticed do not have to cost millions of dollars. You can actually market yourself/company/product for a very affordable price tag – what you need is good content, clever strategy and consistency – an “always on campaign” works best!

Recently I heard about Groupon a very cool concept that I tried. Basically it’s a daily deal on a product or service with a kick. I bought a facial session for a great price and the salon told me the “goupon/coupon” campaign was such a success that they were booked solid. Nice! That is what I like to hear. They have a special program that’s a win win for businesses – if they don’t have enough people signing up for the groupon to validate the cost of the discount – the deal does not go through – its risky but smart.

Groupon is based on an original model that they used for fund-raising. “Whether you’re asking people to do something or give money, people only contribute if they think it makes a difference. On The Point, all campaigns have a “tipping point” — people pledge to give money or do something, but no one does a thing until the conditions are met to make contributions worthwhile. That way, you can gather all the resources needed to be successful before anyone is asked to take action. The Point aims to fix the problems with online petitions, mass letter-writing tools, or many fund-raising efforts — it’s not clear how participation translates into results.”

What I love about this company besides the fact that I REALLY DIG clever entrepreneurs is that it was started on good intentions – trying to help do-gooders have a platform for their causes. Check out their story:

Next I will talk about: Daily Candy, UrbanDaddy and HitList


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