Digital Pull Advertising — Give the customer a cookie!


I have been “hollering” this concept to anyone who can listen in the advertising sector for a while now but it’s nice to see that others and especially those I highly admire like Steve Rubel think like me as well! Wohoo! Yehh! In his May 25th article in Advertising Age entitled “Use Utility to Reach Out to Attention Crash Consumers” Steve talks about a common issue facing all advertisers and consumers today. That issue is attention overload deficit disorder and a need for something besides push advertising. “For more than 100 years, brand marketers have largely focused on push marketing – a mix of tried-and-true tactics that includes paid and earned media. However, that was before the Attention Crash, an event that is changing the economics of digital advertising.”

Gone are the days when you had consumers undivided attention through 3 television channels and a couple of newspapers. There are around 156 million websites on earth!!! Yeh, that puts things in perspective, at least for moi. It’s time to put more of an emphasis on the “PULL” strategy. Adding value and creating a relationship with your client is insanely important. “To remain relevant today brands realize they increasingly have to create valuable utilities that consumers pull, and these need to seamlessly integrate into the hubs where consumers are investing their shrinking attention.”

My favorite example of this is Nike Plus – a totally genius concept – “a small sensor that fits in your shoe and a receiver that hooks up to your iPod Nano. The sensor in the shoe tracks distance, pace, and time, and measures those up against your weight and gender to estimate how many calories you burned. It prides itself in being the largest running community in the world, and people everywhere from Tokyo to Doha have been seen running with it.” “When I got home, I plugged my Nano into my MacBook and iTunes automatically updated NikePlus with my most recent run data” –
Online is an entire community of runners who share best routes, compete and challenge eachother. Talk about pull marketing and relationship building with a brand. They make a real difference in a runners life by adding SOOO much value! I would love to see this type of pull strategy affecting more brands and even small business philosophies. Email me if you need ideas!!

For more info on the spectacular Nike Plus check out the case study video done by R/GA who built their online platform:

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