8 Tips for Successful Small Business Digital Marketing

  1. Use valuable free tools BUT make sure you are creating useful content that is interesting to your existing or potential clients.
    For example- Facebook Fan pages, Twitter accounts, Ning social networks, Google and Yahoo business listing are free but insanely valuable.
  2. Be very selective and request to see stats on the ones you have to pay for (Citysearch, Yelp, etc.) – make sure it’s a good ROI on your time and money
  3. Use Google Adwords – it’s as cheap as $50 bucks a month but can bring a lot of traffic to your site with good promotions/specials, etc.
  4. Keep content fresh through all your channels (website, social networks, adwords, etc).
  5. Have a person on your team dedicated to digital weekly marketing – preferably one that can write well and acts as your content administrator
  6. Promotions and coupons work very well and can be posted in many places for free (e.g. business coupon on your Google business listing)
  7. Have a simple, user friendly and intuitive website (SEO compatible) that has the latest updates/coupons, etc for your bizz
  8. Create a community around you client base and keep them updated with extra perks (for example recipes for a restaurant, special promotions, etc) via email newsletter.

Contact me for additional strategy and tips at illygdigital@yahoo.com or ilana@coopcreative.com

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