Impressions of Internet Week


With all the ups and downs and the stress of living in New York city – events like Internet Week make me feel warm and fuzzy again. If you are a lover of the industry  this is the opportunity to get a sense of the digital pulse – who, what and what’s next. The other amazing opportunity is of course to meet the industry peeps. There are tons of free and very valuable events. I wish I had time to go to all of them but I have too many digital duties @ the job.

So far I went to >

  • Ignite
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: The Impact of Social Media on Culture and the Economy
  • Venture Capital Bootcamp

These are some of the topics I thought were very interesting >

  • Creating a community around the evangelists’ of your brand:
    Taking the time to congregate and have evangelists discuss your products in person – the example used was the Kindle – when someone is interested in seeing and playing with the product – an Amazon brand evangelist actually meets you in your city and shows it to you ! That is such an awesome way to create a community around your brand and have a real person talk to you about the products cool and dweebie features.1
  • There was also an awesome presentation at Ignite about the power of “viral” done by an editor from Onion whose name I need to find. He created a character called “The Swine Flu” on Twitter and Facebook and got a huge following by writing clever copy that played on the various social aspects of Facebook and Twitter and used “The Swine Flu” as a “voice” accompanied by some great images.


  • Perry Chan had a nice concept with the site – which helps you raise money for your ventures
  • Amazon and Mims – more on this tomorrow
  • The Social Media event in Time Warner had a lot of informative discussions such as Twitter and Facebook pages becoming almost a replacement for companies regular sites and the enormous overall impact of social media for business

More on these items and the Venture Capital Event I attended tonight will be in tomorrow’s posting.

Good Night

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