Twitter Changing American Business


Time magazine published an excellent article called “10 Ways Twitter will Change American Business”.
Here is a general summary:
1. “Hyper-Local Marketing
This involves special promotions, discounts etc. for people in the community who follow your business on Twitter. A great way to constantly engage and interact with your client base.
2. “Making Old-World Advertising Work
Because tweeting is so easy from mobile phones the tracking of responses to various forms of outdoor advertising will be much easier “billboards, telephones, taxis and public transportation. Because Twitter can be used on mobile devices as well as PCs, and since Twitter allows messages of a maximum of 140 characters, the reactions to outdoor ad messages can be instantaneous.”
3. “Turning Wall Street on Its Head
Tweeting about the latest stock picks could become a replacement for Yahoo Finance message boards and will help to spread the word faster on Wall Street.
4. “Making Blogs Count
Creating more exposure and followings for Bloggers and making distribution of content much easier. “Twitter will give content operations with limited numbers of employees and small distribution budgets access to hundreds of thousands of Twitter users based on the community’s views of the merit of their content.”
5. “New Ways to Get Consumer Data
Twitter will be a huge resource for collecting the customer voice on various products and services.
6. “Helping TV and Print
Alerting users to the latest ground breaking news.
7. “Expanding the Power of Micropayments
Payments could become an extension of Paypal on Twitter “…small loans or payments to companies for services, essentially no more than an extension of a user’s PayPal, checking or credit card account …”
8. “Changing Telecommunications
Supplementing communication of cellphones, etc. – users will get more freedom.
9. “A New Way for the Government to Reach You
Can be used for alrets by the government in emergency situations
10. “Charity Begins Online
It can become an extremely valuable tool in fundraising. “Twitter will be an immensely useful way for people to voice their opinions in response to public-opinion polls. This offers an opportunity to access tens of thousands of reactions to critical questions in a very short period of time.”

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