Web Based Video is Hot


Web based video is becoming more and more popular. With the explosion of Hulu and YouTube – video content on the web is everywhere “By the end of 2013, the equivalent of 10 billion DVDs worth of information will cross the Net monthly, according to a report issued today by Cisco Systems”. I believe that using video components should be an integral part of building current websites and digital AD/PR campaigns – it adds a greater dimension and entertainment factor and an easier way to demonstrate a product or service, etc.

Here are some good tips for YouTube Channels/Campaigns from the article “5 Ways to Kill a YouTube Campaign“:
• “Clear Proposition” – consistent messaging
• “Links” – including links to appropriate places on your website inside your video
• “Regular Contribution” – just as with any campaign, blog, etc – your contribution should be consistent
• “Title Research”- “Don’t be lazy researching the right title. Forget Youtube tags for the moment and concentrate on finding a great keyword heavy title. It’s the most powerful thing for people to find you through search.”
• “Sex” – Keep the sexiness factor on the down low. “Too sexy thumbnails will get your video algorithmically demoted. Make the Thumbnail compelling as 43% of Youtube users say that if it is it encourages them to watch it.”

Check out this innovative way of creating a “website” using YouTube (cool nav):

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