The Transition from Print to Online


As much as I am deeply saddened by the insane speed of decline of newspapers and magazines and the eroding state of journalism – I am thrilled that the power of digital is helping to spread the word of the masses. Everyone who has a desire to speak about a cause, business, corporation, politician, etc. – now has a voice that cannot be silenced. That is extremely powerful and comforting! This creates a demand for transparency from all sides of the spectrum from politicians to corporations – otherwise if you are doing something shady someone will let the cat out of the bag and once she is out she will breed A LOT of kittens!  Now, that said – journalism is a profession I highly respect and the objectivity and due diligence of fact checking that it requires cannot be replicated by most none-journalists. I think the best scenario would be to somehow find a combination of the two for information such as news, analysis, etc. There has been a lot of talk on models to monetize content for both newspapers online and “professional blogs” but that is a separate and very complicated topic.

The transition of information sharing from print to online is a huge shift that affects a lot of industries but as in all technological advances – creates new opportunities and jobs if the change is embraced and adapted and constantly evolved. I am excited to see the outcome.

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