Cannes Lions (My) Cyber Favorites


Link to the Cannes Lions Cyber award winners:

A List of My Favorites:
Tourism Queensland – Very well done, cohesive, integrated online campaign with a great payoff!
Fiat – Along the lines of Nike Plus – a very smart way of integrating the real world experience with a super digital platform with a series purpose and payoff
Axe – innovative, cool campaign that’s very true to the brand and gets the message across
Uniqlo – This is a REALLY amazing website. They were featured in One Show Interactive as well. Check out the beautiful use of vivid videos and awesome interactive navigation.
Posten – An awesome digital PR campaign that is based on a very clever idea
Donate-a-Meal – Another excellent Digital PR example that really gets the message across of donating food to kids in a very personable, touching way and very user friendly (where every meal shown on kids plate shows exactly how much money you are contributing)
Pringles – amazing banner ad with super creative copy
Axion – Great creative visual design that plays with the space given to the ad
Wario Land Shake it – Now this is AMAZING – so clever!! Taking an existing platform like YouTube and making your video REALLY stand out by simulating the game experience on YouTube.

Another beautifully executed intelligent ad that gets the message across very clearly
Draft FCB – A genius method for looking for an accountant for their agency by transferring a $1 to other agencies and seeing who is super detail oriented and looking for a job
Diesel – clever use of x rated materials (safe for viewing in the office)
Schweppes – Romantic movie with a nicely done subtle product placement

More on the rest of the entries tomorrow …

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