Digital Case Study: Moishes Moving Systems


I came across this moving company who is doing a superb job at all things digital advertising and PR related. They are in my opinion a perfect example of being innovative, intelligent, user friendly, customer driven and fun – using a variety of online marketing tools that are constantly updated with new materials.

Let’s break it down:
1. Website – simple, clean and visually appealing – most importantly it’s easy to find the information you need.

  • They offer lots of tips and coupons on their site which is an excellent value-add for doing business with them.


For example, they encourage being green by offering a service that connects you to people giving away their moving boxes. They also champion a lot of green initiatives and have “green moving” where they offer environmentally friendly trucks.


  • They even have a fun (none-boring) video where they demonstrate how solid their packing skills are.
  • The links to Twitter, Facebook and their blogs are very clear and above the fold –  including a “Share This” button.

2. Blogs – I am sure that SEM is a huge component of why they offer Blogs (helps to increase rankings) but they do provide useful information such as moving tips.



3. Facebook – They have an excellent fan page that features a moving contest – where you can win a free move. The page is synced up to Twitter and YouTube, has a field where you can request a quote, see reviews, photos, etc. The page is also very well designed and user-friendly.


4. Twitter – This is really smart; they are acquiring new customers by tweeting back to clients who are looking for moving companies! Wow – nicely done!



Overall, this is one of the best integrated marketing/PR efforts that I have seen in a while – especially coming from a relatively small company.  Well done Moishe 🙂

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One thought on “Digital Case Study: Moishes Moving Systems

  1. illygdigital

    Thank you Moishes Moving for getting in touch with me and letting me know how your company conducts such fantastic work! You have a very creative and smart team! I look forward to your continued innovation 🙂

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