Digital Strategy


Below is a very important statement by Advertising Age in a recent article entitled “Does the Industry Need Big Digital Agencies Anymore?”

Tactics driving digital are over. Digital strategy is now a major component of the marketing mix since consumers are spending such a bulk of their time engaging online, especially through social media. The digital strategy has to go beyond microsites and banners (they are good methods to support an overall campaign but not be the campaign itself). We need to start bringing superb customer experience through these digital channels, providing tools and services that make consumer’s busy lives easier. These tools can live on mobile devices, though Facebook apps, Twitter “coupons”, etc.

“Big or small in the digital space, three major trends are changing the game at this very moment requiring marketers to play catch up.

1) Smart mobile devices will outnumber computers in 2010;

2) Social Networking has proven out to be the place where customers spend the most time on-line;

3) Digital is too big and value priced to be overlooked any longer.

The net of all three trends is that the days of tactics driving digital are over. The numbers and the competition are getting too big. Every marketer must move forward with a sound digital strategy to meet the bigger goals and returns they are attaching to digital plans, as digital is becoming a more significant part of the mix.

Customer insights married with business objectives must now be used to formulate overarching digital objectives and strategies. Once those are well defined with the ability to measure and adjust in real time, execution and success are much easier to develop and achieve.”

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