Connecting to the Ultimate Consumer


I had an insightful chat at a networking event recently about how the agency world ultimately disconnects you from your true consumer. You live in this removed world, actively managing teams, creating PowerPoints and sitting in long meetings in sassy conference rooms but never truly having a conversation with your ultimate audience. In today’s world of big corporations going bust, hours spent being connected to automated phone queries, and self check-outs – we have less and less human interaction. Getting personal can be a true differentiator for creating great strategies and creative work. Making the consumer’s life easier by getting to know them and understanding their needs. What makes them happy?

I discovered how powerful this could be when I started dabbling in small business marketing a few years ago – and got “PC down and dirty” with my target audience. I realized just how far removed I have been all these years from ultimately knowing what makes people tick on a personal level. I got tons of useful tips and advice on improving the business and the consumers felt like my small business clients were truly interested in their needs – a win for everyone. At the end of the day, no research can substitute real life conversations. That is why the “discovery” process is so essential in most projects. Ultimately, it is that personal touch that makes this world go round, not the mass marketing plans or digital banners – it’s having that chat with the person and understanding what they are all about.

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