Social Media Content Production


I have been thinking a lot about the issue of content creation lately due to social media. These days it is becoming necessary for companies and agencies to have a 24 hour “news/content desk” with partial or full production crews on hand (writers, editors, photographers, video cameraman, producers, etc). This is due to the fact that for the brand to stay popular, relevant and viral through the social media channels – it constantly has to supply audiences with “witty” copy – that carries the brands voice, crisp beautiful imagery and other media like videos, podcasts, etc. It also needs a 24/7 operation because of the necessary interaction with potential and existing clients. The more personalized and responsive you are, the more of a following/fan base you are going to receive and that translates into brand loyalty and sales.

On another note, this presents a great opportunity for all the out of work journalists, writers, photographers, etc. to shift their experience in a new direction – the “Social Media Content Production Studio” (due to the dying print publication world). Essentially, the principle of this type of content creation set up is the same as having a newspaper or TV studio, just tweaking it for the bite size content that today’s users demand.


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