14th Annual Webby Award Nominees – My favorites Part 1



These are my favorites from the nominees:


http://battlefront.co.uk – I love to see people fighting for their believes and changing the world, this site is very approachable and gives people inspiration and an outlet for their causes. I also like the way its split between campaigners and mentors and its very visually appealing and fluid.

https://www.microplace.com – A micro finance site owned by eBay that connects investors with the world poor to help them get out of poverty. “A loan of a $20 can allow a poor woman to start a business and work her way out of poverty.” A while ago I read about Grameen Bank that was started by Muhammad Yunus and was really enlightened about this wonderful plight of social finance and how much positive impact it can have on the developing world.

http://www.stemcellfoundation.ca/ – A website that shares the plight and encourages people to sign for the very important cause of stem cell research. Stem cell research “Stem cell research holds the potential to revolutionize the way we treat diseases like MS, cancer, diabetes, blindness, stroke….”.

http://tcktcktck.org – Activism and stories about climate change around the world.

– A movement to help people choose glass (which is 100% recyclable) over plastic by the the European Glass Federation.

http://panamera.com/#/home – A beautiful visual and audio experience through the Porsche brand

http://awesome.good.is/ecosystem/index.html#/home – An experience of creating a greener earth with Prius “there are people, organizations, and businesses working to reset the balance and create a greater harmony”.

http://awards2.digivault.co.uk/?p=493 – “The GTI Project: a game that allows people to relive the boyish fun of their youths by tapping into the nostalgia of when they first learnt to love driving.”

– I really love the design and playfulness of this site but I find it to be a bit overwhelming, nevertheless, thumbs up on a great experience for a younger demographic.

http://www.billshrink.com – “free, personalized savings tool that helps you save money on your everyday bills.” Great interface and platform.

Best Copy/Writing:

Best Home/Welcome Page:
http://www.hellomonday.net – Love the color palette, interaction and portfolio display of this site.
http://www.life.com – This historic magazine retains all its original print beauty that made it famous in its web format.
http://malecopywriter.com/ – Awesome, fun design that truly shows his personality 🙂 I would hire him!

Best Navigation/Structure:
http://theymakeapps.com – Great idea and functionality website for finding the perfect (or good) developer.
http://wechoosethemoon.org/# – A great interactive experience that takes you through the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. The mission is recreated in real-time through the site.

Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics:
http://www.hf3.coca-cola.com/ – Beautiful, colorful dreamy imagery and a lighthearted, interactive experience.
http://www.shapeshifter.co.nz – A new approach to a promotional site for a band though this visual and audio experience.

Best Use of Photography:
Really stunning and simple use of displaying photography – easy to navigate, crisp and interactive.

http://thinkingspace.economist.com – Gorgeous navigation and 2D display of photography

Best Use of Video or Moving Image:
– LOVE, LOVE this, but I have always been a huge fan of using interactive video in sites. (Reminds me of the old “This is Grow” website.)

Best Visual Design or Aesthetic:
– Great way to tell a story (corporate sites can learn a lesson on how to tell a visually striking story with their company history)
– Putting you in the shoes of the climbers, this site does an awesome job of making you feel like you are there .. Great visual and interactive experience.
http://www.wereallfans.com – Great campaign and site that aggregates fan data via an exciting and beautifully displayed experience (I love interactive data visualization).

http://mashable.com – an excellent destination for all things social media

http://anthony-bourdain-blog.travelchannel.com – Love his show, book and blog 🙂



http://www.hulu.com – the future of television

http://www.jimcarrey.com/ – beautiful visuals and use of video

These guys have been around:

– “A collaborative way to fund ideas”

Consumer Electronics:
http://engadget.com – I like this site for the way it displays and organizes content.
http://www.thisisgrow.com/archive/photosmart/en_us/ – Beautiful visuals and organization of content (I like the “video real hand mouse”)
http://labs.tribalddb.nl/Cinema219/ – “At any point during the film you can compare the 21:9 format to a normal 16:9 TV or toggle Ambilight on and off.” to your connection speed, as did the corresponding soundtrack. Once loaded, if users liked what they saw, they could hit share to publish the movie across the web.”

Corporate Communications:
http://award.i-studio.co.jp/2009_garra/jp/ – Ohh, be still my heart. Love the concept, visuals and flow of this site which teaches you teh various skills of being a “tailored man”. Well done!

http://www.avealook.com/brightdancing/campaign/ – Great, interactive, engaging and viral campaign that supports the platform on which its marketed.

http://www.wk.com – I am biased here, I love W+K from the bottom of my heart, so .. of course I love the site ;))

Cultural Institutions:
– “the worlds first digital concert hall.” “Every seat is the best seat in the house.” The sound and visuals make you feel like you are a part of the concert.

http://demo.fb.se/e/opera/homepage/ – This site really reminds of the gs.com website. Big bold visuals, type and iconography.

http://www.msichicago.org/fileadmin/Activities/Games/simple_machines/ – great educational game for kids, beautifully designed

http://waterlife.nfb.ca/ – Striking sound, visuals and narrative about a movie called Waterlife which tells the “epic story of the Great Lakes.”

http://www.pbs.org/your-life-your-money/ – I like this site more for the fact that it teaches young people how to manage their money. A very important skill set that is not learned in school.

http://www.TED.com – brilliant conference that I dream of attending one day.
http://www.tribecafilm.com – one of my favorite movie festivals.

http://www.babycenter.com/ – great one stop shop for all things baby.
http://www.parenting.com/ – same applies here for parents.
http://www.themotherhood.com – great place to discover a modern/hip community of moms

– exceptionally produced, fun, customizable and interactive. Similiar to the latest web fashion trends of customization, this site takes its roots from Nike ID. I love the fact that the hoodie design is a contest and once you participate you get a coupon for a purchase.  What is missing is the ultimate payoff – how can you actually purchase my custom product?
– personalized. big video visuals. cool. clear call to action > buy
http://eu.wrangler.com/bluebell/#/collection – its fun undressing the models 😉

Food & Beverage:
http://www.cheeseandburger.com/ – tasty fun
http://www.epicurious.com/ – a world of info for people who like to eat well (like me).

http://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm – Zynga is a very smart company with some very successful games – so they have my vote.

http://awards2.digivault.co.uk/?p=710 – Monopoly teams up with Google. $3,000,000 virtual monopoly money and a chance to earn some bragging rights. Very very smart and a great use of the Google mapping platform.
http://www.recordtripping.com – clever fun

http://www.nasa.gov/city – great educational tool to help us understand how space exploration is present in our daily lives

http://www.loveletterstothefuture.com/ – very nice design and use of video
http://www.seventhgeneration.com – love the products, love the cause, love the visualization of the fellow “crawlers”
http://www.yoink.com – a more interactive version of the free items on Craigs list. “Get free stuff from your local area and give away things you don’t need.”

Oldies and goodies-


http://www.everyclickmatters.com – great entertaining piece about identity theft.

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