Favs of the 15th Annual Webby Awards


Its that time of year again where I talk about my favorite Webby winners.

I am absolutely a huge believer that marketing only really works when its an integrated multi-channel approach, hence I really love the Old Spice campaign. TV brought the character to life and social allowed for that personal, relationship building activation in an uber creative fashion. It won the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers (sales are up 107%).

The coolest sites seem to still be rocking big visuals with video components as the background and interactive navigational elements. I really loved the Wilderness Downtown site with its super creative use of HTML5 and pop-up windows.  www.thewildernessdowntown.com

The Monet site literally took you inside his paintings, providing a new prospective on viewing his work. A true masterpiece of a digital experience. http://www.monet2010.com

I love the “pay with a tweet” concept as a way to generate buzz. http://www.knarre.com/pwat_awards/

The theme of making people happy was seen in the Coke “Happiness machine” and “KLM Suprise”.

“Walking through” different digital channels seems to be a theme this year with Magnum Ice Cream (not in the Webby awards), Digital Story of Nativity and Sour MIRROR.


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