From a post of Gabe Weiss @ Sapient (with his permission).

“As the combination of anytime, anywhere information and smart mobile and tablet devices proliferate, retail will undertake a massive transformation in the coming year(s). With consumers in control, the omnichannel customer is showrooming – using their mobile devices to point-know-buy – and t-commerce & s-commerce are both proliferating (but probably won’t call it that). News from NRF 2012 (National Retail Federation conference) is that retailers have finally accepted that they need to transform, the technology now exists for them to do so and they are actually focusing on it. While some leading retailers are innovating as fast as they can – see JCPenny’s new management cast which is making innovated moves – others are in a more challenging position – see the recent Best Buy drama Forbes started. If you want a glimpse of where this is all going, check the DEC11 HBR issue and PSFK which both showcase the “Future of Shopping”. If 2012 NRF and CES are any indicators, retail has only touched the tip of the iceberg of transformation and will be radically different in the years to come. A bit of great news for a digital retail transformer like us…”

What is Omnichannel Retailing?
This isn’t your younger-self’s version of multichannel or cross-channel.  No, no…it’s a whole new lingo:
Omnichannel retailing is seamlessly integrating the customer experience across all channels of interaction—including stores, websites, direct mail and catalogs, mobile platforms, social networks, home shopping and gaming.


Why infolusty, spontaneity-loving consumers will embrace instant visual information gratification

Ok, fine…it’s Tablet-Commerce


JC Penny Rising
Why JC Penny will be the most interesting retailer of 2012

Best Buy’s Drama
“Why Best  Buy is going out of business…gradually” – Forbes

HBR + Bain– “The Future of Shopping”
“The Future of Retail” – PSFK

NRF 2012 headlines
“An interesting inflection point for retail: just when retailers are finally ready to spend on the promise of cross-channel and digital channels and new shopper experiences, solution providers are ready to deliver on most of that promise. A unique opportunity for everyone involved.”
“Retailers at the NRF 2012 event were talking about what it means when consumers use more than one “channel” to execute a single purchase with a retailer – omnichannel retail.  They focused on what it means to their employees, operational processes, and supply chain.” – RSR Research
NRF Themes:
Workforce enablement
The future of the store itself
The impact of new consumer shopping behaviors on the supply chain
Business intelligence and analytics capabilities – with a particular focus on the ability to analyze consumers’ paths to purchase
NRF – 12 Truths to Guide Retailing in 2012


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