Google+ Statistics

  • More than 170 million people have signed up for a  Google+ account. [from blog post, 4/11/12]
  • 100M 30-day actives and 50M 1-day actives. [from NYT article, 3/6/12]
  • On average, advertisers see a 5-10% lift in click-through-rate on desktop search ads when ads are displayed with social annotations. [from NYT article, 3/6/12]
  • More than one million Google+ Pages have been created.
  • Seeing that people are two to three times more likely to share content with one of their circles than to make a public post. [from SJ Mercury News story, 7/20/11]
  • Over 3.4 billion photos have already been shared in Google+. [10/13/11 earnings call]
  • +1 button is being served over 5 billion times a day all over the web [from 10/2/11 blog post] [background: this is for publishers’ sites only, not Google search or Google properties]

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