Was UX/UI involved?


In my career, I am often hired to create the strategy and overall customer experience across multiple touch points. Sometimes I get to build that from scratch and other times it’s a matter of smoothing the bumps in the road and making sure all the signs are helping people reach their destination. What I have noticed the most in the past 7 years, is that the first problem seems to be (whether it’s a confusing website, an overwhelming app or digital sign) a non-existence of UX/UI professionals on a project. I would say that next to technical chops, UX/UI is crucial. It’s what defines how a consumer interacts with your product/service, etc.

I was lucky enough to work with these amazing people at both R/GA, SapientNitro and Isobar and continue to see how they have made our lives better through making things simple. A great experience requires a perfect blend of disciplines such as Strategy, UX/UI, Visual Design, Tech and QA. Please don’t forget some of the most important skill sets.