Google Glass: The Future of Customer Service?


While regular consumer usage of Google Glass has received mixed reviews and a backlash primarily due to privacy issues, there is a developing enterprise usage that is being piloted and adapted.  Medicine is one lucrative territory where Glass stands to make a huge impact – aiding in communication between ambulances and doctors, access to specialized expertise while performing surgery, and seamless access to patient records. Law enforcement is also starting to pilot the program where detectives and police officers have started using Glass to help fight crime. “A software developed in Dubai enables police to have a connection between the wearer and a database of wanted people. Once the device “recognized” a suspect based on a face print, it would alert the officer wearing the gadget.”

Warehouse personnel, construction managers, architects, engineers, the list goes on and on – the renaissance of enterprise glass usage is blossoming.

What about the consumer segment?

The customer service field is also starting to adapt the device as an enabler to better service clients. Virgin America was one of the first companies to trial the device along with a tablet, smart watch and mobile app to identify what could be the most useful in helping a passenger – selecting Google Glass as the best solution. The Copenhagen and Edinburgh Airports followed using the tool for real time flight information, language translation and general questions about the local area & airport layout. Virgin plans to expand the offering to include capturing the dietary and beverage preferences of passengers to provide an even more personalized, value added experience.

Will 2015 be the year we start seeing more personalized customer service with some help from Google Glass?


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