Freelance Services & Process


Please find my process and list of services below. I can do lighter versions or just components (i.e. just research, brief creation, content strategy, etc.) based on your needs.

Services provided: Customer Experience Planning: Branding, Digital Strategy and Marketing, CRM, Social, Website development, Mobile, SEM/SEO, Content, Loyalty, TVC/Print, Digital to Physical.
Consumer Research & Insights, Workshops, Digital Education & Leadership, Strategic Development and Team Management.

Strategic Planning Development Process:
Phase 1 (Discovery)
Briefing and strategic re-brief based on goals & objectives
– Consumer/competitive/brand research & analysis (methods: social listening, focus groups, surveys, secondary research, consumer interviews, keyword research)
– Category/culture/technology trends evaluation
– Deliverable: Research Findings Presentation
– Internal Alignment Workshops – helping internal stakeholders align on strategic direction

Phase 2 (Strategic Development)
Brand experience roadmap – who is the brand, what are the brand values and how does it add add value to our target demographic?
– What are the right channels to play-in? (bought/owned/earned: media, website, app, social, mobile, loyalty, SEM/SEO, partners, influencers, brand ambassadors, etc.)
– How does the brand come to life across these channels?
– How do we increase awareness (paid media, partnerships, PR, SEM, etc)?
– Content strategy – Always-on, campaigns, events, etc.
Deliverable: Strategic Roadmap

Phase 3 (Execution)
– Oversight of production and execution
– Analytics set-up and measurement plan (web/mobile/social/search analytics). Ability to create custom dashboard to integrate data from various analytics tools
– Monitoring and optimization of all executions
– Creation of monthly content, influencer outreach and PR across channels
Deliverables: TBD

This cycle then repeats in a much lighter format every month or quarter via the editorial model with learning and optimization.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 2.19.53 PM


Additional Services:
Developing or updating digital &/or social media departments:
– Hiring the right talent (which skill sets are needed)
– Training
– Process
– Infrastructure
– Tools/Dashboards/Research
– Partners


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